• Children’s stay in Starli is possible in slippers, socks and footwear with a sliding surface. For the safety of children and pleasing descent on slides it is not not allowed to play in shoes with rubber.

Birthday celebration at the Amusement Park Starli is being held for 2 hours.

We will provide our guests the opportunity to spend a memorable and great day on a three story labyrinth, slides, inflatable toys (Dragon, Jungle, Ascendor and Palm Island), sliding swings, pool with balls as well as singing karaoke with friends along the light effects. For younger children up to 2 years there is a separate and spacious parterre area with slides, balls and other soft toys.

Catering service for children

Serving salty pastries, juices and cake. Also included – plastic and cardboard plates, glasses, forks and napkins.

Catering service for adults

Serving salty pastries and cake. Also included – plastic and cardboard plates, forks and napkins.

The drink is exclusively from the Starli cafe and is charged separately.

Package price

We calculate the price by the present child on birthday celebration (500 RSD per child) and the minimum price of the package is 5.000 RSD even if less than 10 children come.

Birthday Invitations

Specially designed Starli invitations can be taken up when paying deposit.

Sports field

We let our guests to use the sports field as part of the birthday party, with an additional payment.

We create pleasure

Together with friends from the well-known pastry shop Vremeplov in Novi Sad we want to offer our  guests, attending the birthday celebration, to enjoy in beautiful and most delicious cakes from Belgian chocolate and Dutch cocoa.


Photographing a birthday celebration by our photographer is additionally charged.

Reservation of birthday celebration

After reservation and paid deopsit, the Amusement Park Starli does not refund money if a birthday is canceled. If there are unforeseen situations, and in agreement with you, we will find a new term for your the birthday party.

Depending on your celebration, it is possible:

  • rent a whole Starli
  • extend the duration of the birthday party
  • organize other types of celebrations

We reserve the right to organize multiple birthdays in one term.

Birthday celebration

  • Your cake
  • Our drink for children
  • Your savory pastry for children and adults
  • The price: 850 RSD per child
  • Over 30 children 10% discount
  • *The minimum package price = 12.750 RSD